Shred 8: Now Available

Shred 8.

Clean. Crafted. Potent

A Modern Fat Burner That Fits Any Lifestyle

Hand picked, hand-selected premium ingredients for quality and potency.

Why Shred 8?

Burns Fat

Shred 8 starts working immediately to burn fat using clinically dosed, hand selected ingredients that target fat cells to be burned as fuel.

Improves Focus, Mood & Motivation

Shred 8 was was designed to improve these 3 key areas saftely and naturally. This will help you to set goals, stay focused with your diet and exercise and give you an extra edge to move foward. 

8 Specific Ingredients

We stacked Shred 8 with key ingredients to help with the most common struggles people face with changing their lifestyle: Slow metabolism, low energy, internal/digestive inflammation, lack of focus/motivation and appetite.  

Carefully crafted and designed to fit your lifestyle.

Shred 8 is a nutritional and fitness supplement designed to fit around your lifestyle. It was crafted for.. 

  •  The struggling mom or dad trying to make it to the gym.
  •  The sedentary 9-5 worker.
  •  The active gym goer that can't seem to shake the last 15-20 pounds. 
  •  The person looking for more focus, drive and motivation. 
  •  Anyone searching for that long lasting fat burning energy. 

Hot NEW Ingredients 

Beta Phenylethylamine HCL

Simulates the feel good sensation you get when eating chocolate. Beta PEA increases dopamine levels in the brain which makes you feel good throughout the day.

Turmeric Root Powder

Reduce internal inflammation within your digestive tract so your body can absorb and utilize nutrients more effectively. 

Bacopa Herb Extract 4:1

Bacopa is known as an Adaptogen, which when combined with a stimulate like caffeine or green tea can ward off malaise and give you motivation to reach your goals. 

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